22-23 MAY 2021, ANKARA

The Rise of Asian Geopolitics and Terrorism at the Threshold Conference


22 MAY 2021

22 MAY 2021



  • Prof. Mehmet Seyfettin ErolPresident of ANKASAM
  • Assoc. Prof Bilal ÇakıcıVice-President of the International Organization of Turkic Culture (TÜRKSOY)
  • Prof. Darkhan Kydyrali The President of International Turkic Academy (TWESCO)
  • Dr. Ömer KocamanDeputy Secretary General of the Turkic Council

22 MAY 2021

1.Session: Rising Asian Geopolitics


Prof. Celalettin Sencer İmer – Session Moderator

Senior Adviser, ANKASAM/Lecturer and Chair of the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Ufuk University

1. Asst. Prof. Harinda Vidanage

Head of Department, Defense and Strategic Studies at General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University
(Sri Lanka)

“Speed of Militarization in the Indian Ocean and its Consequences on Small Powers”


2. Prof. Shambhu Ram Simkhada

Ambassador (R)

“Transforming 21st Century International Relations: East and West is there a Meeting Point?”

3. Dr. Pramod Jaiswal

Research Director at Nepal Institute for International Cooperation and Engagement

“South Asia in the Rise of Asian Geo-Politics”

22 MAY 2021

2.Session: Global Power Struggle in Asia


Prof. Sertif Demir – Session Moderator

Colonel (R), Turkish Army / Prof. at University of Turkish Aeronautical Association

1. Gulshat Yusupova
Dr. Begench Karayev

Vice-Rector at the Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan

Philosophical Sciences at the Institute of International Relations of the MFA of Turkmenistan

“Turkmenistan’s Permanent Neutrality Role in the Afghanistan Peace Process”

2. Niva Yau Tsz Yan

Associate Research Fellow at the OSCE Academy at Bishkek and Research Intern at the Belt and Road Strategic Research Centre
(Hong Kong-China)

“China and Russia’s Interest Convergence and Competition in Central Asia”

3. Namrata Hasija

Research Fellow with the Centre for China Analysis and Strategy

“China-Pakistan Strategic Nexus: Implications for India”

4. Asst. Prof. Mohammad Reyaz

Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Aliah University

“Role of Soft Power in the Rise of Asian Powerhouses: India in Afghanistan”

5. Assoc. Prof. Sayed M. Abdullah Al Mamun Chowdhury

Chairperson in the ‎Department of International Relations, University of Rajshahi

“Chinese Hegemony in Asia: Potential Bargaining Opportunity for Bangladesh”

6.  Janan Mosazai

Ambassador (R) & Co-Founder and Vice President, The Heart of Asia Society

“Afghan-Turkish Relations, the Afghan Peace Process and Turkey’s Role in It”

7. Tamara Kunanayakam

Former Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the UN in Geneva & Former Chairperson-Rapporteur of the United Nations Working Group on the Right to Development
(Sri Lanka)

“US Indo-Pacific Strategy and the Case of Sri Lanka”

22 MAY 2021

3.Session: Regional Problems, Threats and Instability Factors in Asia


Prof. Cem Karadeli – Session Moderator

Lecturer at Ufuk University

1. Dr. Zhanggui Zhou

Director of Institute for Overseas Safety and Security, under the Centre for NTS-PD, Zhejiang University/Consultant of United Nations Industrial Development Organization

“Counterterrorism Collaboration and New Challenges Response in the Post COVID-19 Environment”

2. Assoc. Prof. Saifuddin Ahmed

Chairman Department of Peace and Conflict Studies Faculty of Social Sciences University of Dhaka

“Rohingya Exodus from Myanmar: A Security Concerns for Bangladesh and the Region”

3. Dr. Muhammad Syaroni Rofii

Lecturer, National Resilience Studies, University of Indonesia

“The Dynamic of Indonesia-China Relations in the Middle of South China Sea Dispute”

4. Dr. Yasmin Sattar Binti Hamid Khan

Lecturer at Prince of Songkla University

“Revisiting Dynamic of the Security Instability in the Conflict Areas of Southeast Asia Region”

5. Senator Sehar Kamran (T.I.)

Patron in Chief at Centre for Pakistan & Gulf Studies-CPGS

“Radicalisation and Terrorism in the Region”

22 MAY 2021

4.Session: Radicalization and Terror Issues in the Region


Prof. Tayyar Arı – Session Moderator

Uludağ University

1. Asst. Prof. Khuram Iqbal

Head of International Relations Department, National Defense University

“The US Withdrawal from Afghanistan and Future of Violent Extremism”

2. Dr. Muhammad Athar Javed

Director General and Founder of Pakistan House

“Transnational Terrorism & Geopolitics: Stabilizing Afghanistan and Beyond”

3. Prof. Arshi Khan

Department of Political Science, Aligarh Muslim University

“Revisiting Global War on Terrorism: Politics of Subterfuge and Divide from Within South Asia”

4. Shaukat Piracha

Journalist/ News Analyst at AAJ TV

“Terrorism to Tourism, Geo-politics to Geo-economics: Pakistan at the Threshold of a Transition”

22 MAY 2021

5.Session: Global Competition in Eurasian Geopolitics and Its Regional Reflections


Prof. Arshi Khan – Session Moderator

Department of Political Science, Aligarh Muslim University

1. Dr. Edward Lemon

Research Assistant Professor, Bush School, Texas A&M University

“China’s Rising Role in Central Asia’s Security”

2. Bruce Pannier

RFE/RL’s Sr. Correspondent for Central Asia/Editor of Qishloq Ovozi

“Border Contentions in Central Asia within the Scope of Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan Conflict”

3. Rich Outzen

Colonel (R)/George Mason University

“American Geopolitics and Eurasia”

4. Dr. Satoru Nagao

Expert of Hudson Institute

“The US-China Competition: How Should QUAD Respond”

5. Asst. Prof. Hadza Min Fadhli Robby

Department of International Relations, the Islamic University of Indonesia

“Indonesian Geopolitical Vision in the 21st Century: From the Era of Yudhoyono to Jokowi”

22 MAY 2021

6. Session: Caucasia-Caspian Region in Regards to Energy-Transit Security in Emerging Asian Geopolitics


Prof. Babak Rezvani – Session Moderator

Head of Ethno Geopolitics Society, University of Amsterdam

1. Dr. Intigam Mamedow

Deputy Dean-Faculty of Political Science, Lomonosov-Moscow State University
(Russian Federation)

“Threats and Causes of Instability in Caucasus-Caspian Region”

2. Elkhan Mehdiyev

Director of Peace and Conflict Resolution Center

“The Peace and Security Development after 2020 Karabakh War in the Caucasus”

3. Ferhan Oral

Captain (R), Turkish Navy

“Role of Caspian Region within the scope of Energy and Transit Security in Developing Cooperation between Central Asia and Caucasus”

4. Dr. Emre Ozan

ANKASAM Turkish Foreign Policy Advisor-Kırklareli University

“Prospects for Turkey-Russia Cooperation in the South Caucasus after the Nagarno Karabakh Conflict”

23 MAY 2021

23 MAY 2021

1.Session: The Bleeding Wound of Asia: Afghanistan and Afghan Peace Talks


Mr. Khalid Taimur Akram – Session Moderator and Speaker

Executive Director- Center For Global & Strategic Studies/CGSS

“Central Asia and AF-PAK in the Rise of Asian Geopolitics”

1. Prof. Mehmet Şükrü Güzel

ANKASAM Representative in Geneva

“From a Terrorist Organization to a Non-State Armed Group by the UN Security Council and the International Responsibility of the Taliban”

2. Asst. Prof. Ali Bilgin Varlık

Colonel (R) – Istanbul Arel University

“Afghanistan, Toward Reconciliation or a Failed State?”

3. Dr. Smruti S. Pattanaik

Research Fellow, Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses

“The Return of Taliban: Emerging Contours of Regional Geopolitics in the AF-PAK Theatre”

4. Assoc. Prof. Aşkın İnci Sökmen

Istanbul Arel University

“Non-State Actors in Conflicts: Afghan Warlords”

5. Dr. Mehmood ul Hassan Khan

Member Board of Experts, CGSS

“Central Asia and AF-PAK in the Rise of Asian Geopolitics”

23 MAY 2021

2.Session: Afghan Peace Talks and Central Asia


Assoc. Prof. Oktay Bingöl – Session Moderator

General (R), Turkish Army – Istanbul Arel University

1. Prof. Shabir Ahmed

Member Board of Experts, CGSS & Director, Area Study Center

“Peace Prospects in Afghanistan”

2. Asst. Prof. Omar Sadr

The American University of Afghanistan

“The Prospects of the Peace Process in Afghanistan”

3. Dr. Oybek N. Makhmuov

Expert of Eurasia and Central Asia Affairs at eurasia.expert and ethnogeopolitics.org

“The New Militant’s Threats in Afghanistan and their impact to Neighbours: Problems and Prospects”

4. Omar Samad

Ambassador (R) – Senior Fellow at Atlantic Council

“How to Heal the Open Wound of South-Central Asia: An Opportunity to Aim for a, Political Settlement the Afghan Crisis”

5. Prof. Sertif Demir

Colonel (R), Turkish Army / Prof. at University of Turkish Aeronautical Association

“How Can Peace be Achieved in Afghanistan? Challenges and Prospects”

6. Assoc. Prof. Huma Baqai

Social Sciences and Liberal Arts Institute of Business Administration Karachi

“Asian Geopolitics: The New Cold War Paradox”

7. Major General (R) Muhammad Samrez Salik

Director General, Institute of Strategic Studies Research & Analysis, National Defence University Islamabad

“Impact of CPEC on Dynamics of Peace and Conflict in South Asia”

23 MAY 2021

3.Session: Security and the Search for Cooperation in Central Asia


Dr. Bahtıgül Kalambekova – Session Moderator


1. Assoc. Prof. Ariel S. Gonzalez Levaghi

Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina

“Assessing the Tri-Border Area Regional Security Cooperation between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay: A Model for Central Asia?”

2. Bora İyiat

Lecturer at Amasya University

“A Religious Radical Organization of Terror in Central Asia: Uzbekistan Islamic Movement”

3. Dr. Kadyr Kurmanbekovich Malikov

Member of the Public Expert Council under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic

“The Perspective of Ideological Transformation Terrorist and Extremist Movements in Context of Big Game in Central Asia Region”

4. Zhumabek Sarabekov

Expert, Institute of World Economics and Politics

“Current Geopolitical Processes in Central Asia: New Trends and Challenges”

5. Victor Kipiani

The Chair of Geocase

“Multilateralism Through Regionalism?”

6. Dr. Mehmet Şahin

Aksaray University

“From Alsace-Lorraine to Fergana: A Functionalist Central Asia?”

7. Asst. Prof. Muminova Nargis Yakubovna

Department of International Relations at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy (UWED)

“Participation of business structures in ensuring regional security in Central and South Asia”

23 MAY 2021

4.Session: A Common Future in Asia: Regional Cooperation Opportunities


Aydın Nurhan – Session Moderator

Ambassador (R) – Senior Adviser to the President of ANKASAM

1. Syed Abrar Hussein

Former Special Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan

“Cooperation Opportunities of the Region”

2. Farhat Asif

Founder President at Institute of Peace and Diplomatic

“Cooperation Opportunities of the Region”

3. Asst. Prof. Erjada Progonati

Suleyman Demirel University

“Global Trends up to 2030: Will Asia be able to Face the Future Challenges?

4. Raffaello Pantucci

Senior Visiting Fellow at the S. Rajarantam School of International Studies (RSIS) and Senior Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)
(United Kingdom)

“What is the Impact of the American Draw Down from Afghanistan on Central Asia

5. Timur A. Rakhimov

The Head of Department of Political Research and Study of Regional Security Problems of the International Institute of Central Asia

“Regional Policy of Uzbekistan, Providing Regional Security and Sustainable Development

6. Dr. Yakubov Ildar Kharrasovich

The Head of the Department of Applied Analysis of Foreign Policy Situations at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy (UWED)

“Central and South Asia: Integration and Conflict Resolution

23 MAY 2021



  • Moderator: William CourtneyAmbassador (R) – Adjunct Senior Fellow at The RAND Corporation and Executive Director of The RAND Business Leaders Forum (USA)
  • Gulshat Yusupova Vice-Rector at the Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan (Turkmenistan)
  • Prof. Sencer İmerSenior Adviser of ANKASAM/Lecturer and Chair of the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Ufuk University (Turkey)
  • Dr. Bahtigül KalambekovaAmbassador (Kyrgyzstan)
  • Assoc. Prof. Oktay BingölGeneral (R), Turkish Army – Istanbul Arel University (Turkey)
  • Dr. Esmira Jafarova Board Member of the Center of Analysis of International Relations (Azerbaijan)
  • Dr. Davood Moradion – Director General of Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) (Afghanistan)
  • Aydın Nurhan – Ambassador (R) Senior Adviser to the President of ANKASAM (Turkey)


• Prof. Mehmet Seyfettin EROL – Ankara Center for Crisis and Policy Studies (ANKASAM)
• Ambassador (R) Aydın NURHAN – Senior Adviser to the President of ANKASAM
• Prof. h.c. Mehmet Şükrü GÜZEL – Geneva Representative of ANKASAM
• Dr. Mehmet ŞAHİN – Aksaray University
• Kadir Ertaç ÇELİK – Advisor of ANKASAM
• Nazmül İSLAM – AF-PAK Institute Coordinator of ANKASAM
• Sami BURGAZ – Information Technologies Coordinator of ANKASAM
• Cenk TAMER – Asia-Pacific Expert of ANKASAM
• Doğacan BAŞARAN – AF-PAK Expert of ANKASAM
• Emrah KAYA – Central Asia Expert of ANKASAM
• Güler KALAY – Russia-Caucuasia Expert of ANKASAM
• Merve ÖZÇELİK – Research Assistant of ANKASAM
• Mustafa Cem KOYUNCU – Research Assistant of ANKASAM
• Özge ELETEK – Research Assistant of ANKASAM
• Riana TEIFUKOVA – Research Assistant of ANKASAM


• Prof. Arshi KHAN – Aligarh Muslim University (Republic of India)
• Prof. Babak REZVANİ – University of Amsterdam (Kingdom of the Netherlands)
• Prof. Baltas KARİPOV – Koksetau State University (Republic of Kazakhstan)
• Prof. Bilal KARABULUT – Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University (Republic of Turkey)
• Prof. Fatima Y. ALBAKOVA – Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russian Federation)
• Prof. Ilya Anatolievich BYKOV – Saint Petersburg State University (Russian Federation)
• Prof. İlyas KEMALOĞLU – Marmara University (Republic of Turkey)
• Prof. Jean MARCOU – Grenoble Institute of Political Studies (French Republic)
• Prof. Mehmet Seyfettin EROL – Ankara Center for Crisis and Policy Studies (ANKASAM) (Republic of Turkey)
• Prof. Sayed M Abdullah Al Mamun CHOWDHURY – University of Rajshahi (People’s Republic of Bangladesh)
• Prof. Selma YEL – Gazi University (Republic of Turkey)
• Prof. Sencer İMER – Ufuk Universty (Republic of Turkey)
• Prof. Shabir AHMED Chairman – Peshawar Study Center (Islamic Republic of Pakistan)
• Prof. Tayyar ARI – Uludağ University (Republic of Turkey)
• Prof. Toğrul İSMAYIL – Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University (Republic of Turkey)
• Assoc. Prof. Dušan PROROKOVİĆ – University Union Nikola Tesla (Republic of Serbia)
• Assoc. Prof. Mubariz MAMMADLİ – Azerbaijan State Economic University (Republic of Azerbaijan)
• Assoc. Prof. Nuri KORKMAZ – Bursa Technical University (Republic of Turkey)
• Assoc. Prof. Oktay BİNGÖL – İstanbul Arel University (Republic of Turkey)
• Assoc. Prof. Sanat Kushkumbayev – Kazakhstan Instute for Strategic Studies (Republic of Kazakhstan)
• Asst. Prof. Emre OZAN – Kırklareli University (Republic of Turkey)
• Asst. Prof. Erjada PROGONATİ – Süleyman Demirel University (Republic of Turkey)
• Asst. Prof. Harinda VİDANAGE – General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University (Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka)
• Asst. Prof. Khuram IQBAL – National Defense University of Pakistan (Islamic Republic of Pakistan)
• Asst. Prof. Nazim CAFEROV – Azerbaijan State Economic University (Republic of Azerbaijan)
• Dr. Abozer ELLIGAI – Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development (PaRD), (Republic of Sudan)
• Dr. Bahtıgül KALAMBEKOVA – Ambassador (Kyrgyz Republic)
• Dr. Hatem CABBARLI – Eurasia Security and Strategy Research Center (Republic of Azerbaijan)
• Dr. Kairbek ARYSTANBEKOV – Economic Policy Institute (Republic of Kazakhstan)
• Dr. Muhammad Athar JAVED – Director General and Founder of Pakistan House (Islamic Republic of Pakistan)
• Dr. Naji Moulay LAHSEN – Executive Director of the Network of the Independent Commission for Human Rights in North Africa (CIDH AFRICA) (Kingdom of Morocco)
• Dr. Pramod JAİSWAL – The Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS) (Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal)
• Dr. Zhanggui ZHOU – Zhejiang University (People’s Republic of China)

Konular | Topics | Темы

  • Yükselen Asya Jeopolitiği

  • Yükselen Asya Jeopolitiğinde Orta Asya ve AF-PAK

  • Yükselen Asya Jeopolitiğinde Kafkasya-Hazar ve Enerji-Transit Güvenliği

  • Asya Jeopolitiğinde Küresel Rekabet

  • Bölgesel Sorunlar, Tehditler ve İstikrarsızlık Unsurları

  • Bölgedeki Radikalleşme ve Terör Sorunları

  • Orta Asya’da Radikalleşme ve İstikrarsızlık Bağlamında Fergana Vadisi

  • Asimilasyon ve Terör İddialarının Gölgesinde Sincan-Uygur Özerk Bölgesi

  • Asya’nın Kanayan Yarası: Afganistan

  • Bölgenin İşbirliği İmkânları

  • Afgan Barış Görüşmeleri

  • Yeni Arabuluculuk Arayışları

  • Asya’da Ortak Bir Gelecek İçin Nasıl Bir Yol Haritası?

  • The Rise of Asian Geopolitics

  • Central Asia and AF-PAK in the Rise of Asian Geopolitics

  • Caucasus-Caspian and Energy-Transit Security on Emerging Asian Geopolitics

  • Global Competition in the Rise of Asian Geopolitics

  • Regional Issues, Threats and Instability Elements

  • Radicalization and Terrorism in the Region

  • Fergana Valley on Radicalization and Instability in Central Asia

  • Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XUAR) under the Allegations of Assimilation and Terrorism

  • Open Wound of Asia: Afghanistan

  • Cooperation Opportunities of the Region

  • Afghan Peace Talks

  • New Quests for Mediation

  • What Kind of Roadmap for a Common Future in Asia?

  • Растущая азиатская геополитика

  • Центральная Азия и AF-PAK в развивающейся азиатской геополитике

  • Кавказ-Каспий в растущей азиатской геополитике и безопасность энерготранзита

  • Глобальная конкуренция в азиатской геополитике

  • Региональные проблемы, угрозы и элементы нестабильности

  • Радикализация и террористические проблемы в регионе

  • Ферганская долина в условиях радикализации и нестабильности в Центральной Азии.

  • Синьцзян-Уйгурский автономный район в тени ассимиляции и обвинений в терроризме

  • Кровоточащая рана Азии: Афганистан

  • Возможности сотрудничества в регионе

  • Афганские мирные переговоры

  • Поиск нового посредничества

  • Какая дорожная карта для общего будущего в Азии?